Punchpass allows you to accept reservations from your customers. They can reserve online while they're at home or on the go.

Here's a quick overview of how reservations work in Punchpass:

  • Reservations are advance bookings -- so you know who's coming & your customers can add it to their calendar.

  • Your customers can click right through your online schedule to make a reservation. They just have to enter their email and name to book.

  • No login is required -- unless YOU decide to require a customer login . This "no login" feature lowers the bar for your customers to book and encourages new signups for your business! This feature is just one of the things that makes Punchpass special. There are very few limitations to booking into a class - the emphasis is on getting bookings.

  • After booking, customers can quickly add the new reservation to their personal calendar. They can send a Facebook message to invite their friends along too.

  • They’ll automatically receive confirmation emails and reminders.

  • Your customers can cancel or move the reservation on their own using the unique weblink that's provided on the email confirmation Punchpass sends.

  • You can limit the number of reservations you accept based on your space or equipment limitations.

  • You can restrict the timing of signups and cancellations to your preferred windows.

  • When you take attendance at the start of class, you can mark all of your pre-registered folks as attending at once. Punchpass will not debit a customer's pass until you take attendance.

  • Your customer database will grow organically! New customers who have booked online will be added to your customer database. You'll have their name and email, so you can reach out to them anytime (with Punchpass' email feature) and keep tabs on all of their attendances and pass purchases.

  • Got single-day workshops or multi-day series? Bookings are no problem.  You can price these separately and collect payment at the time of booking (if you use Stripe)/

Reservations are available on selected Punchpass plans. If you want to check them out, we'd be glad to let you try out a new plan for a week at no charge. Just let us know & we'll take care of you.

From your perspective, here is how a reservation becomes an attendance. Think of this as the 'life cycle' of a reservation.

1) Punchpass matches the reservation to the customer

If you allow Customer Logins and a customer makes a reservation after logging in, then Punchpass knows who they are automatically. Learn more about Customer Logins here.

Even if you don't offer Customer Logins, Punchpass will automatically match incoming reservations using the customer's email. We use the email to tie an incoming reservation from the public to one of your existing customers.

2) Once matched to a Customer, it's Waiting To Attend

The customer is now listed on the class details page under a section called 'Reservations Waiting To Attend'.

If a customer cancels their reservation at this point, no problem - the reservation is simply removed. Here's more about customers canceling on their own.

If YOU want to cancel or move the reservation at this point, simply click the three dots next to the person's name & make your selection there:

3) Finally, it's marked as Attending the class

Once you are ready to mark class attendance, all you need to do to add the waiting reservations is click the purple button right above the reservation names. That's it! The reservations are now attending the class. We don't recommend you do this until class time, as this can't be undone. (You can remove the attendance, but it won't reappear as a reservation.) Customers cannot cancel their reservation after it has been marked as attending.

A customer's pass won't be debited until you take attendance. The reservation saves a spot in class, but you'll still take attendance to debit their pass.

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