Workshops and other special events are easy to set up in Punchpass. You'll use our ticketing feature to set up a class and collect payment ahead of time so you don’t need to worry about it on the day of the event.

NOTE: This feature was previously known as pre-pay.

Here is a quick demo on using tickets when setting up workshops:

When you mark a class as ‘Tickets’, your customers will be required to pay a fixed dollar amount for the class when they register online. So you can collect payment right at the time of booking!

When you set up the class, you will tell Punchpass how much to collect for the ticket as a one-time charge. Punchpass will collect that at the time of booking. This saves you from creating a separate pass for that class & it's all pre-bundled for the customer.

You must be integrated with Stripe and accept online reservations to use this feature.

Here’s how to set up a ticketed class:

First go to the class in Manage Classes and click Enable Tickets for this Class:

You’ll then be prompted for a price:

Then the booking form for the class will look like this for your customers - they’ll be prompted for their credit card details to sign up:

These reservations are then marked as paid – no separate pass purchase is required.

Have a customer who wants to book in advance but pay separately? Sure – you can create a reservation for them within Punchpass and then take payment later (via credit card or any other method). That reservation will be marked as paid when you collect. This is great for customers who call to register and then pay you the next time they’re in the studio!

Just make the reservation as usual and then select this option in their customer account:

The following page will give you the option to choose a payment method and receipt the payment:

This process also works from the class details or attendance page (so you can easily receipt payment for drop-ins while you're taking attendance for a class) - just click the three dots next to the student's name and you'll see the option to mark the booking as paid:

NOTE:  If you accept additional pass types for a class that's set up as prepay, customers with a valid pass can log in and register for the class without paying. You'll want to keep in mind that customers will have to log in order for Punchpass to recognize that they have a valid pass. If they don't log in, they'll be prompted to pay just like anyone else. AFTER you enable ticketing, you'll need to edit the Eligible Passes to allow access by more passes other than the ticket payment.

If you keep customer logins as optional (not required), your drop-in customers can prepay without logging in, and your regulars can log in to book.


  • Customers who have prepaid cannot cancel or move the reservation on their own. They must contact you directly for changes or refunds.

  • Want to encourage early-bird signups with a discount? When you enable ticketing, set the price as the discounted price. When the regular price is due to kick in, just disable prepay & re-enable ticketing with the new price. Easy!

  • If you allow drop-ins, you might consider offering a discount for ticketed reservations -- paying in advance gives you a $2 discount, for example. Then you can sell a regular single-class pass to drop-ins without the discount (mark them as attending, then click "needs pass" to sell them a drop-in pass).

  • If all of your classes are paid one-by-one (either ticketed or single class drop-in), then you won't need to have a separate pass list online.

  • If you have a multi-day workshop, click here to learn more about setting up a Series in Punchpass.

  • Punchpass has other ways to help you collect payment at the time of booking for your open classes -- Here's more about how to require customers to pay before they book.

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