Do you offer free classes to build community and welcome new folks to your studio?  You can mark a class as free in Punchpass. This lets you take attendance for the class without punching any customer cards. 

If you take reservations, it's easy for folks to book into your free classes.  Even if you typically require prepayment for advance registrations, free classes means hassle-free signups.   And when you take attendance, you'll clearly see that no pass was debited since the class is free.  

If you've got a regular class that's routinely free, you can set up that class as ALWAYS being free when you're adding the class to your repeating schedule in Manage Classes...

If you just have one or two class times you want to set up as free, you can do that too. Any individual class time in Punchpass can be set up as 'Free'.

Here's how to make a single class free:

Go into to the affected class time & click the Actions dropdown, then Make Class Free.

The FREE class is marked with a notification flag so there isn't any confusion in your studio and you have the option to change it back at any time: 

We also show the class as "FREE" on your public schedule:

Marking a class free does not retroactively affect any existing attendances. So if you want to make a class free you should mark it free before taking attendance.

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