You can bundle classes together in order to create what we call a 'Series' - that is a group of classes that your customers can register for (and/or purchase) at once.

  • Perfect for multi-day workshops, teacher trainings, specialized packages for beginners, and more.
  • Series simply bundles ALL the class times for a specific course together. It's a distinct set of a certain number of classes -- NOT an open-ended set of ongoing classes.
  • Once you've bundled classes into a series, your customers can book online once (through your online schedule) & will be registered for ALL classes in the series. The customer's email confirmation confirms all of the dates.
  • On the admin side of Punchpass, you'll see that they are preregistered for each of the classes in the series. You'll take attendance normally for each of the classes in the series to keep your records in order.
  • SIDE NOTE:  If you are looking for a way to pre-book your best customers into their regular, ongoing class times (that are NOT part of a series), look at our standing reservation feature.

Creating A Series

1) Create The Classes you want to group together.  If you haven't already created the classes you want to group as a series, you'll need to do that first.  

For more information on how to add classes to your schedule you can learn about scheduling a repeating class OR adding single classes.

2) Once you've set up your classes, now you can create your series.  Go back to Manage Account, Manage Classes and click on the class you want to create a series for.  Click 'Create A Series for this Class'

3) There next step is choosing the individual classes that make up the Series.  You will see a calendar of all the individual classes to choose from.  Simply click on a class name to choose it. (click on Show me more weeks to see ALL classes)

4) Once you have chosen your classes, scroll down to Step 2.  You should give the series a specific name 'Yoga in the Park - 6 Class Series Summer 2018' . You can customize the description from the original course if you want as well.

There are two other questions to answer:

  • First, if you want to close registration for the series once the first class has started. This prevents customers from signing up once the series has begun and tells them to contact you.
  • Second, should the customer be required to purchase a specific pass in order to register for the series? You can link a pass to the series, and we will prompt the customer for payment information when they sign up.

Editing A Series Once It Has Been Created

You can edit a series after it has been created.  Simply click on the series name in Manage Classes and click Edit Series.  Here's what you can change....

  • You can toggle the 'Close Registration after Series Start' to on/off
  • You can delete the series - keep in mind this just deletes the GROUPING of the classes, not the actual classes.
  • Add/Remove classes from the Series.  Want to add another class?  Or set things up on the wrong dates?  No problem - you can change the classes that are part of the series as well. (NOTE - if customers have already registered for the series then they will NOT be notified, nor will a new reservation be made for any new classes.  You will have to do that manually.)

What Happens When A Customer Registers

We show details about the series, including the # of classes, and when they begin/end and take place. We recommend you explain in the course description as well.

Once a customer registers, we create reservations for them for ALL the classes in the series, and send them an email confirmation. If you have opted-in to receive a notification when someone makes a reservation we'll send one to you too.

This is what it looks like in the customer's account in Punchpass:

To remove a customer from a series, click the three dots to the left of the Series name and choose the option to remove them. That will delete any reservations (but will NOT remove any attendances already recorded.)

What About Payments?

If you want people to pay for a series at the time of registration, there are a few other steps...

  1. You should create a new PASS in the system just for this class. (Do this first!)

2) When you create the series, you can link the pass created in step 1.

3) When a customer registers, they are prompted for payment information. If entered successfully in the system the following occurs:

  • the customer's credit card is charged and a purchase record is created
  • a new customer is created (or they are matched with an existing customer)
  • the pass is assigned to the customer's account
  • reservations are made in all the classes in the series for the customer


The Series feature was designed to be "all or nothing" -- so if you bundle class times into a series, clients booking from your public schedule will register (and pay) for all dates in the series.  

You cannot allow customers to register for the Series OR individual classes in the Series.  By creating a series customers will be required to book into the whole thing.  

As an Administrator, you CAN add individual reservations to a specific class if you want to.

This works well if you are committed to the series approach but you want to offer some wiggle room for folks who won’t come to all classes, you can sell reduced price passes separately (online or in-studio).  You (as the admin) can add reservations as needed to individual classes while you are logged into Punchpass.  

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