Punchpass lets you create a waitlist for any class you want in Punchpass. This article explains how to turn waitlists on, how customers can be added to the waitlist (by themselves or you), and what happens when a spot opens up in class. We also list a few caveats and 'things to be aware of' when using waitlists.

NOTE:  This feature is available on the Birch Plan & Banyan Plan.

Turning Waitlists On

By default, waitlists are OFF and need to be enabled for an individual type of class. To do so, go to Manage Account, Manage Classes, and click on the class - then click Edit The Class. The waitlist option is in the Reservations section:

How Customers Are Added To The Waitlist

Now, whenever the class limit is reached your customers will be prompted to sign up for the Waitlist:

The signup form is just like a regular class reservation. Here's what happens....

  1. We send YOU a notice that a waitlist for the class was created and that a customer signed up for it
  2. We do NOT send the customer an email. We let them know an email will be sent if a spot opens up.

You can also add customers to the waitlist for a class using the standard Add Reservation form on the class details page:

(NOTE - you need to check off the 'Add To Waitlist' option, or a standard reservation will be created.)

Inside of Punchpass, here is what the class details page looks like when there are two people on the waitlist:

How The Waitlist Process Works

When a customer reservation is canceled, moved to a different class, or the # of spots available for a class is changed, Punchpass reviews the class to see if there is now a spot available. If there is we start the waitlist process.

First - we send an email to everyone on the waitlist

In order to claim the spot in class customers need to click on the link in the email, and then click the Yes - I'll Take The Spot button

If they are the first to claim the spot, we send them to the reservation confirmation page and send them an email. If they aren't the first (and there are no spots left) we let them know the spot has been filled.

Things To Be Aware Of!

1) Waitlists are NOT a guarantee that your class will be full. Customers have to take action in order to claim their spot. There are LOTS of reasons why a customer may not receive or see the email.

2) For now, we alert everyone on the waitlist at once. There is no rolling order to our alerts (though we may add one at some point.) Our goal here is to try to fill the spot in your class, rather than be 'fair' to everyone. Please let us know the feedback from your customers.

3) Waitlist reservations for Pre-Pay classes are NOT CHARGED. This means if they are accepted off the waitlist, they will not have paid and you should collect payment at the time of class.

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