Online Reservations in Punchpass gives you a lot of control over how your business accepts reservations. This article will explain where to go to configure reservations.

Where To Configure: There are two places that have settings which affect class reservations.

  1. Manage Settings > Online Reservations. This is the GLOBAL settings for class reservations.

2) The Specific Class - Manage Classes > Click On Class Name > Edit Class

This is where you set class specific settings. On a per class basis you can set:

  • Whether or not you want to accept reservations for the class

  • Do you want to send an email reminder (1/2/3 days ahead per the global setting)

  • Do you want to limit the # of reservations, and if so what is the limit?

  • Do you want to let folks sign up for a waitlist?

  • Do you want to require an active pass to book?

  • Do you want this class type to have a different reservation window from the global setting? (Common for special events and workshops)

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