With Punchpass plans that include customer logins, you can require a customer to have an active pass to book into a class.

You have two options:

  • Require an active pass for all of your classes;

  • Require an active pass for individual classes.

If you'd like to require customers have a pass credit for ALL of your classes:

  1. Under Online Reservations, we recommend checking the box to allow customers to create accounts online. If you want to allow new customers to pay and book, you'll need to allow them to create their account.

  2. You can also decide if you want to FORCE customers to login to reserve. Punchpass needs to ID the customer in order to confirm they have a pass, however you may wish to leave this setting un-checked if you enable some classes to book without a pass or some that are set to pre-pay without creating a login.

  3. Under the Limitations section in Online Reservations, check the box to Limit the # of reservations to visits purchased if you want to restrict the number of classes to the number of eligible visits on their passes.

3. Edit your classes to ensure you have them set to Require Active Pass to book:

You can make a different choices for different classes on your schedule.

BE AWARE! If a customer drops in on a class, Punchpass will not remove a future reservation. You as the administrator can also book a customer's reservation regardless of their pass status. This is why is it is important to aways mark attendance and check for payment!

If you'd like to require customers have a pass credit for individual classes:

  1. Navigate to the Class and select the Require an active pass to book this class

2. Review your Online Reservation settings and REMOVE the limitation to require an active pass. The Reservation Settings for your individual classes will now decide whether a pass is required to book or not!

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