Late Cancel allows your customers to cancel their class reservation right up until class starts, instead of having to contact you. That gives people on the waitlist an opportunity to attend, and you can fill up your class!

When using the Late Cancel feature, their pass on file is automatically charged and immediately opens up a spot in the class.  

Here's how to enable Late Cancel, how it works, and some current limitations to be aware of.

To Enable:

Go to Manage Account, Account Settings, and Online Reservations.  Check off the 'Allow Late Cancel' checkbox.  This will change the behavior of a cancellation after the reservation deadline has past (in the example 4 hrs before class.)

How It Works:

Past the reservation cancellation deadline, your customers are shown a slightly different message explaining that this is a late cancel, and that their pass will be marked.

As an administrator, you can also mark a reservation as a Late Cancel from the Class Details Page:

We will still send the same Reservation Cancelled email to your company...the only difference is the Subject will say 'Late Cancel'.

If the class has a waitlist and bookings are still being accepted for the class, then the waitlist process will begin and anyone waiting for a spot will be notified.  We do NOT kick off the waitlist process if it is too late to reserve, based on your Reservations settings:

In terms of Reporting, we are grouping Late Cancels alongside No Shows. So on the customer details page they are shown together, and they are listed in the same report (Not Shows & Late Cancels) in the Reports section.

Limitations To Be Aware Of:

The primary limitation at the moment is that a customer will be allowed to cancel their reservation even if they do not have an active pass to charge for the late cancel. That means you can have a 'Late Cancel' that has no pass.

It is the Administrator's responsibility to assign any Late Cancels to any new pass that the customer may purchase - Punchpass does not currently automatically assign them.

Late Cancel is currently automatically applicable to passes, not memberships. If a customer with a membership late cancels, you'll want to invoice them. You can do this by creating a late cancel pass in Punchpass or directly charge their credit card on file in Stripe through your Stripe account.

Late Cancels do not have an 'undo' button.  In order to undo a late cancel you simply delete the 'attendance', and then add it again as a reservation or attendance.

Late Cancel applies to ALL classes.  It is a global reservation setting and cannot be turned on/off per class.

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