You've got to set a policy and stick to it! Here's what to do:

1) Decide how far in advance someone can cancel. What's reasonable for your studio? 24 hours is pretty standard.

2) State your cancellation policy clearly on your website. You can add this to the top of your schedule page or within your class descriptions. With Punchpass, you can customize the message on the email confirmation that you send for reservations too.

3) Enforce your cancellation policy. It's easy to set the window that will automatically disallow cancellations outside your window -- just go to Manage Account=> Reservation/Schedule Settings.

4) Send reservation reminder emails from Punchpass by enabling them in Manage Account=> Reservation/Schedule Settings.

5) Now you've laid the groundwork to start charging for no shows. Since clients can cancel reservations really easily if they need to, there's really no excuse for not cancelling if something comes up.

Punchpass allows you to track your no shows so you can consistently and fairly follow your policy around these situations.

Have a client that didn't cancel within the window? You can take a punch from their punch card and mark them as a no show. Here’s how it works:

While you’re taking attendance, you can see all pending reservations that your customers have made.

Here is a video to send to your instructors as a quick demo:

When someone with a reservation doesn’t show up for class, you can click the 3 dots next to their name and select No Show:

If you are in the midst of marking attendance, you can also mark them as attending, click on the dots and select “No Show.”

When you follow these steps, the customer’s pass will be deducted AND they’ll be marked as a no show for that class.

As part of this new feature, we’ve added a new “No Shows” report as well – so you can always trace back to these situations.

Want to make a one-time exception to your rule and NOT deduct a customer’s pass? You can edit the no-show, set it to No Pass Assigned, then mark as forgive! Your records will still reflect that it was a no show unless you change that status.

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