Marking attendance for each class in Punchpass is important for maintaining success within the system!

1) Punchpass will highlight information about the clients that can help the instructor lead a successful class

2) Attendance will debit credits from a customers' pass or set the expiration date in motion for passes set to expire based on first use

3) Attendance will highlight any customer who has not paid for the class

It’s fast and easy to take attendance with Punchpass. Here's a video walk-through of the process:

Here is a how-to that you can send to your restricted level instructors:

If you wish attendance to be marked automatically, click here !

Want to let your customers check themselves in?  Sure!   Click here to learn more about customer self check-in with Punchpass.

Prefer to take check in yourself?  Here's how to do that:

From the Punchpass home page, just click on the class name. From there, you can mark attendance. If you have Attendance Only access, you can click Mark Attendance from the home page.

Checking Customers In:

Simply click on their name in the customer list. They will appear in the attendees list on the right. 

If you have a long list of customers simply type the first couple letters of their first or last name in the search box, and the system will shorten the list for you automatically. 

If you have any reservations, you can click on their names individually, or click Mark All as Attending:

You can sort the customer list either by first or last name - click on Manage Account > Account Settings > Instructors & Users to make that selection for the User who is logged in.

If Someone Needs a Pass:

Keep an eye out for customers who need a pass.  They will have a notice in red that says  "Needs Pass." They can still attend, this is just a warning flag for you.  

Clicking on the Needs Pass button will bring you to the Assign Pass page where you can quickly assign that customer a pass and get right back to taking attendance.

If you don't assign that person a pass while taking attendance, they will get a 'No Pass Assigned' attendance.  See the Support article on this page about Taking Care of Attendances with No Pass Assigned for information on how to fix these after the fact.

Removing An Attendance

If you need to remove a customer's attendance, just click the little arrow to the left of the customer's name in the attendance list.  You can select "Remove Attendance" from the list of options there:

You can also use this menu to go to the customer's profile page. Very handy if someone has a specific question about their account and you are in the middle of taking attendance.

Changing Pass Used:

Punchpass determines which customer pass to use, and then records that as part of the class attendance. If your customer has more than one valid pass & you want that attendance to be assigned to a different pass in that customer's account, just click the last menu item there to make that adjustment:

Marking All Customers as Attending:

Smartphone Tips:

Because of the smaller screen the two lists (your Customers and class attendees) are stacked on top of each other. This could lead to lots of scrolling. Instead there is link that lets you jump down to your Attendee list, and another link that lets you jump back up to your Customer list. Those links, combined with the search box, let you easily take attendance on your phone even if you have hundreds of customers in the system.


In addition to noting when a customer Needs a Pass, we have a number of helpful icons to keep an eye out for during attendance! You can always hover over the icon for the relevant information.

Sprout: Our happy plant icon lets you know if this is the customer's first attendance

Heart: If a customer has any information in their Health Status, that information will be displayed below the attendance list

Flag: If a customer has a flag on their account, you can hover over to see the message. Learn how to flag a customer here.

Red pen: If you have the waiver feature enabled, the red pen indicates that a customer has not yet signed the waiver. Learn more about the waiver feature here.

Credit Card: This customer has pre-paid for this reservation. Learn how to set up a class with pre-pay here.

Cake: It is this customer's birthday! Click here to learn about tracking customer birthdays.

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