During attendance, Punchpass determines which pass to use and then debits that pass. If you want a past attendance to be assigned to a different pass that's in the customer's account, here's how to do that...

Just go to the customer's profile under the History tab & click on the affected class attendance there. You can click through & change the pass used for that attendance from there...

An alternate way to change the pass for a customer's attendance is by going back to the original attendance screen for a class.

  1. Go back into the attendance screen for the class. (Find it by clicking the green "Classes" button from the top of your screen). You'll see your past classes listed on the left. Click on the class & then click "Mark Attendance" from there.
  2. Click the little arrow to the left of the customer's name in the attendance list.
  3. Select "Change Pass Used" from the list of options there

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