Punchpass allows you to add your customer's birthday, and on their Info tab we will display it along with their age:

You can see a list of all customers who have a birthday in the system by clicking on View Customers, then Birthdays.  We sort the report by month, and then by day.  

If your customer is reserved for a class on their birthday, we will let you know with the birthday cake icon next to their name!

We will also show the icon during attendance:

NOTE: We do not do anything to modify the attendance. If you have any special deals for customers with birthdays, you will want to need those adjustments yourself.

Another thing you may notice, especially if you have been using Punchpass for a while, is that some birthdays may not have the year.  We display those differently - for example:

The reason is that Punchpass originally did not allow you to enter the year - only the month and day.  So for customers where we do not have the year we leave that part off the display.

For now Punchpass does not send your customers an automatic email on their birthday, or let them automatically attend class for free.  You CAN easily email all the customers whose birthday is in a specific month by checking their names off and using the Compose Email button.

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