Tired of taking class attendance? Let your customers do it instead!

  • Just put an iPad or tablet at your door (check your device compatibility here)

  • Your regular customers can check themselves in with the touch of a finger.

  • It’s simple and fast.

  • You’ll have more time to spend with new customers.

  • Customers will see their current pass status when they check in.

  • You’ll know if a customer needs a new pass.

  • Cell or wi-fi connections work great.

Here's a video to send to your instructors to help activate self check-in:

Here's how customer self check-in works:

When you're preparing for class to begin, go into the class as if you were about to take attendance. But instead of clicking the purple "Mark Attendance" button, click the green "Activate Customer Self Check In" button instead...

The screen will change to the self check-in view -- a simple, clean version of the attendance screen with no navigation or distractions.

At this point, you can move your device to the check-in area.

As they arrive, customers who have reservations can click the green button to find themselves quickly:

Or they can quickly find their names by starting to type in the search bar. Punchpass dynamically finds a match as they type in real-time so the customer can select themselves and be all checked in!

After the customer clicks the green button to confirm, they are all checked in! They are given a pass notification and update at this time as well:

That's it! The pass notification alert disappears after a few seconds, and the screen is ready for the next customer.

Additionally, we offer a QR code for a touchless interface! Customers can use their phone's scanner to check in using their own device, reducing the spread of germs.

If a customer doesn't have an active pass while checking themselves in, they are given a notice and a request to check in with the instructor:

They are marked as attending the class with no pass until a class has been assigned to them.

To exit the self check-in screen, you click the 'Exit' button in the lower left. We made it inconspicuous so your customers won't be tempted to click there.

When class is over, you (as an admin or mid-level Punchpass user) can exit out of self-check in to access the regular attendance screen and follow up with anyone who needs a pass.

Please note: Some of the self check-in features won't work correctly on older devices or browsers. Please check that you have a compatible device (keep this info in mind if you're specifically purchasing a tablet to use for self check-in!).

Here's a tip: If you routinely have a tablet or mobile device set aside for customer self check-in, it may be useful to log in from that device as an attendance-only user. That prevents any access to data when exiting out of customer self check-in. Here's more about the different user levels in Punchpass.

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