This guide covers the most common scenarios that come up when you need to manually assign a pass to a customer.

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Assigning A Pass

We'll start with a walkthrough of the general process and then cover a few options in example scenarios below.

No matter what, how, or why you need to Assign a Pass, the process starts the same:

Navigate to the customer account and press the "Assign a Pass" button:

Select the appropriate pass from the dropdown and press the Next button:

After pressing the Next button, you'll land on the Assign a Pass page. Now it's time to address payment!

Common Scenarios when Assigning a Pass

Scenario 1: You're assigning a pass to a customer and want to send an invoice for payment.

Please visit our article on the Paylinks feature:

Scenario 2: You're assigning a pass to a customer and they've already paid for their pass.

Step 1: Indicate how the customer is paying and select the checkbox indicating you have received payment for this pass.

For clients without Stripe connected to their accounts this looks like this:

Step 2: If they're paying with a card and/or using a payment method accepted by Stripe you'll be prompted to enter their card information.

Step 3: If they're paying by cash, check, or another reason: select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Elect to email them a receipt or not.

Step 5: Press Assign pass.

Scenario 3: You're assigning a pass to a customer and you need to edit something about the pass: price, dates, class credits, something.

Sometimes a customer purchases the wrong pass and you need to issue them a different pass. Sometimes you need to adjust the price of a pass before invoicing a customer. There are many scenarios where you might need to edit some of the pass information before assigning it to a customer.

You'll follow the general process of assigning a pass to a customer, and then follow this process:

Step 1: Mark the pass as not paid. You can add the payment information later!

Step 2: Decide if you're emailing a receipt or not. And then press the Assign Pass then Edit it Button.

Step 3: Edit the pass information using the information below and press save.

Assigning and Editing a Pass

What details you can edit:

  • Purchase date

  • Active date

  • Number of visits

  • Expiration date*

  • Option to suspend pass

  • Price

  • Refunded amount

*Editing the Expiration Date

The availability of the expiration date field is dependent upon the pass settings.

If the expiration date is created when a pass is first used, then this setting feature is unavailable, as in the above example for the Drop-In pass.

If the pass settings are such that the expiration date is determined with the pass is assigned, you'll see the option to change the expiration date, as in the screenshot below:

How to change the pass price:

When you assign a new pass to a customer that 'base' price is assigned to the pass. But if you click 'Edit' to edit the pass purchase, you can then change the price paid. You can also add a Note/Comment to record the discount.

How to send an invoice for payment:

If you're on our Banyan plan, after assigning a pass, you can then invoice a customer using the paylinks feature.

How to mark a pass as paid after assigning it:

If you navigate to the customer account and click the name of the pass, this takes you to the Pass Details page. Here you'll find a Payment section.

Clicking on the Paylink will open a Stripe checkout page if you'd like to receive payment by card in person.

Please reach out to Support if you have any questions!

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