If you want to sell your passes online and instantly generate a corresponding pass (or membership) within Punchpass then our integrations with Stripe and Square have you covered.

But you can also take payments using any other payment provider you like - you may want to take cash or check payments in person and/or let your students pay online via bank transfer/Venmo etc.

When you receive those additional payments you can easily assign the corresponding pass within Punchpass - here's how to do it...

Option 1: Assigning a pass to a student while taking class attendance:

If you're marking attendance for a class and a student doesn't have a current pass on file then you can easily assign one within the class attendance workflow.

Just mark the student as attending the class and then click on "No Pass!" next to their name:

This will take you to a screen where all of the valid passes for that class are listed and you can choose the one your student would like to purchase. Once you've completed the transaction that pass will automatically be applied to the current class.

Click here for more information about how taking class attendance works.

Option 2: Assigning a pass to a student at other times:

If you receive a pass payment from a student at another time then you'll want to assign the pass from their customer account (if they don't have an account then you'll need to set one up for them first).

You can find the option to assign a pass (or a set up a renewing membership) within their account here:

From there you'll be able to choose the type of pass (or membership) to assign, select the payment method and add some additional information (plus send a receipt to your student if you like):

Once you've clicked "Save" you'll see the pass in the customer's account and it will be ready to use (subject to the terms and conditions for that pass type).

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