Punchpass supports these modern browsers for desktop:

  • Chrome - Latest stable release

  • Safari - Latest stable release

  • Firefox - Latest stable release

  • Microsoft Edge - Latest stable release

We personally recommend Firefox if you have concerns about privacy and if you want to keep the internet healthy and an open place. Internet Explorer is no longer the default browser on Windows 10, and older versions of windows should use a different browser than Internet Explorer. Safari Version 11 is no longer supported by Apple and will not run Punchpass properly.

Punchpass On Mobile Devices

We don't have a mobile app but Punchpass is available straight from your iPhone or Android browser.

  • Safari on iPhone for iOS 10 or higher

  • Chrome on Android 7 or higher

Firefox is also available via App Store on iPhone and Google Play on Android.

Non-Mobile Touchscreens

While some Windows-based touchscreens may work, Punchpass doesn't officially support non-iOS and non-Android touchscreens and may not be compatible with these devices. This includes interactive whiteboards or large-format touchscreen displays.

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