Yes - every reservation confirmation email contains a link your customer can click to cancel the reservation.

If a customer has a login, they can also log in, click on their reservation and choose to cancel:

Can I Set Cancellation Limits?

You are able to set a cancellation policy within Punchpass that prevents someone from cancelling a class a certain # of hours before the class starts. The default is 24 hours, or 1 day. To set yours go to Manage Settings > Online Reservations.

When your customer attempts to cancel within the 'no cancel' window, their cancellation is not successful and they are notified that they are beyond the allotted window.

If you wish to permit late cancellations and charge for a customer who cancels past the window, click here.

Punchpass lets you know when a reservation is canceled

If a customer cancels a reservation we send you (the company owner) an email, and if the instructor is set up to receive emails we'll send one to them too.

Important note - if you mark a customer as attending the class in advance, if they cancel the reservation it will NOT remove the attendance. So it's best not to mark people as attending until you are inside the 'no cancellations' window you have set for your business.

Wondering what to do with reservations that were never canceled? Read here to learn about no shows in Punchpass.

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