Punchpass gives you the ability to sell your passes and memberships online so you can spend less time dealing with payments at the studio.

Online Pass Purchases are available on selected Punchpass plans. If you want to check out online pass purchases, we'd be glad to let you try out a new plan for a week at no charge. Just let us know & we'll take care of you.

We partner with Stripe to provide integrated online pass sales. Stripe is one of the world’s best providers of online payments. You'll set up an account with Stripe (which is free) so that Stripe can serve as the credit card processor. 

Stripe charges very standard processing fees. You can learn about their pricing at https://stripe.com/pricing. Make sure you choose your country in the page footer. Also keep in mind that Stripe has NO monthly fees or minimums.  So you only pay a fee when you get paid. 

Punchpass doesn't charge you anything extra for your credit card transactions. Stripe is just a nice processor for us to work with!

Stripe acts as merchant account and gateway, and it is quick and easy to sign up for an account. You sign up for your own Stripe account, and then you connect that account to Punchpass which lets us charge on your behalf. 

When you sign up for Stripe, please make sure you provide ALL the information they are looking for and double-check to confirm accuracy! 

Payouts process from Stripe to your bank account - Punchpass is not involved in the flow of funds. The first payout when you sign up with Stripe will process slower than the usual rate. You can log into your Stripe account and click the Settings tab to adjust the frequency of payouts. 

Stripe is available in a number of countries around the world and is actively working to expand where they can offer service. You can see where Stripe is offered here: https://stripe.com/global

 Setting up Stripe & Punchpass is extremely simple and fast. Let's get started!

Step 1 -

 Sign up for a Stripe.com account (if you don't have one) and connect to Punchpass. What this does is allow Punchpass to charge customers on your behalf. 

Go to Manage Settings > Online Payments and click on the Connect With Stripe button. 

Don't have a Stripe account yet?  
You can sign up for a Stripe account during this process. After you click on the blue connect to Stripe button in Punchpass you get to a page where there is the sign-up form. Make sure to provide all the information required and make sure the information is accurate! This is YOUR Stripe account and you should take the time to become familiar with it. We cannot log onto your Stripe account.

Already have a Stripe account?
Don't fill out the Stripe form!  Instead, click on the 'Sign In' link up top.  That will prompt you to authorize with Stripe and should finish the connection.

Step 2 -

 Designate Which Passes To Sell Online.

Go to Manage Settings > Manage Passes.  For each pass you want to sell online, click on it and click Edit The Pass Definition. At the bottom of the form is a checkbox to sell the pass online.

That's it! You're in business.  

Step 3 -

 Customizing Your Pass Purchases Settings

Punchpass allows you to customize your online pass purchases in several ways....

1) You can change the default text that shows at the top of your public pass purchase page.  Just go to Manage Settings > Online Payments and add the text you want to display here:

2) You can reorder your passes the way you want them to appear to your customers.  Go to Manage Passes to drag & drop your list of passes into the order you prefer.  This will dictate the order of appearance on your pass purchase page.

3) You can customize the email receipt that you send to your customers when they buy passes.  Learn how to do that here.

4) If you do not currently have a logo on your public Punchpass page(s) please send us one or direct us to an online version of the logo you want to use.  Just click on the blue circle in the lower right of Punchpass to send us your logo or point us in the right direction.

5) Click here to learn how to embed your pass purchase page directly on to your website

A couple things to be aware of.....

  • Setting up Stripe email receipts. Stripe lets you email your customers receipts. Log into your Stripe account, and click on your company name in the upper right. Choose Account Settings. On the right is an Emails section. We recommend at least having Stripe email YOU when a payment is received.  You can have Stripe email your customers as well, just keep in mind that Punchpass with ALSO send a receipt....which means your customer might get two.  You can customize your Stripe receipts as well with the link on the lower left of that page.

  • We use a checkout form that is developed by Stripe and is fantastic. It works especially well on mobile and almost any device. Customers are required to have an email address to purchase a pass.

  • There is no 'Test' mode  - if you enable payments and buy a pass, that's a real charge. But it's easy to process a refund

  • Credit cards are the only integrated checkout option right now.  You cannot accept other forms of payment via Stripe.  We are looking to expand options here, so stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, you can certainly accept other forms of payment for your passes... it's just not fully integrated, so you will assign the pass in Punchpass when payment comes in.   

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