Your customers can access your schedule anytime with one click. They can make reservations and buy passes too, if you use those features.

Here is how they can add the icon to their phones:

1) Open the browser on your phone and go to your Punchpass-hosted page. You can find your Punchpass-hosted page link by going to Manage Settings > Public Web Pages. Your link is at the top.

2) On iPhones/iPads click the arrow at the bottom of the screen. (the box with the arrow coming out of it -- see screen shot below). On Android phones click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

3) Choose 'Add To Home Screen'

That's it! Now your customers can click the Punchpass Icon on their phone anytime to see your schedule, make a reservation, or buy a pass.

You can encourage your customers to install the icon by sending everyone an email with your Punchpass page link & the instructions from above.

Does your customer have a login account? If yes, we recommend them first logging in (check the 'Remember Me' option first) - THEN bookmark your home account page.
NOTE: Customer logins only available on certain Punchpass plans

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