You can mark attendance and manage your routine with Punchpass from your phone or tablet -- no computer required.

How do my instructors and I install it?

From your mobile device, head to

(NOTE: do not log into your account prior to saving the app to your device)

There are simple instructions right on that page that will show you how to install the app for both iPhones & Android.

The installation is easy - iPhone users will ‘Add to the Homescreen’, and Android users will be prompted to install the app. After that, the app will act & feel just like an app installed from the app store.

If you have both a customer and an Administrator account associated with your email address, you can change which account you're using with the mobile app by selecting the "Change Studio" option.

When you press the Change Studio option, you'll be on the Select an Account page, and here you'll choose the account you'll like to use.

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