Punchpass is designed to work great on your mobile device  

We are do things a little differently, and our app is not available in the traditional app stores. Instead we have built what is called a Progressive Web App (“PWA”).

What’s a PWA?

A PWA is just a special way to package a web application so it behaves more like an app installed from the app store but without any of the numerous restrictions the app store creates. To learn more about how PWA's work, click here!

You and your customers get the experience, reliability, and performance of an app but delivered through your device’s browser. It’s the best of both worlds, AND protects your business from any changing app store rules. As there’s not an additional layer of “app” software, the WHOLE system is accessed right there on your device, and there’s no syncing required. What happens on your phone is reflected immediately on any other device that’s simultaneously connected to Punchpass!

NOTE - You need internet access to use Punchpass.

Mobile Access for You and Your Instructors

You can mark attendance and manage your routine with Punchpass from your phone or tablet -- no computer required.  

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Mobile Access for Your Customers

Your clients can access your schedule anytime with one click. They can make reservations & buy passes too, if you use those features. 

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