YES!!   Punchpass now integrates with the Square Point of Sale, Square weblinks, and the Square web store.  The Square Integration is available on ALL plans in Punchpass.  It’s a very simple integration allowing you to do two things…..

  1. Automatically create any passes you mark as ‘Sell through Square’ in Punchpass, as ‘Items’ to be sold in your linked Square Account. (Please note that the Square integration is not compatible with memberships, your best bet for those is definitely Stripe)

  2. Once you sell any of those items through Square (through the reader, the point of sale, or Square web store), Punchpass will import the sale and create the pass and the customer.

Please take the time to read this page - there are limitations to the Square integration and it's important you understand them. The Square Integration is available on ALL Punchpass plans.

How The Integration Works - Limited to Square Reader/POS

There are two parts to the Square integration.....

  1. For every pass definition in Punchpass where you check off 'Sell Through Square', an Item will be created to be sold in your Square account.

  2. When one of those items is sold in Square we import the order into Punchpass and create the pass.


This integration does not replace the Stripe integration with Punchpass. Passes sold through Punchpass (in the admin screen or on the public Punchpass sales page) are NOT processed via Square. This integration is designed for you to use the Square POS, or the Square online store to sell your passes.

How To Get Started!

1) Connect your Square account and Punchpass

Click on Manage, Settings, then Integrations. Click on 'Connect To Square' and authorize your account.

Once you have authorized Punchpass, any pass you currently have marked as 'Sell Through Square' will be created as an 'Item' in your Square account. Any passes sold through Square have to be created in Punchpass first and we will import them to Square. So if you have existing passes currently setup in Square, you'll now have new ones.

2) Import any passes you want to sell into the Square Dashboard, creating Square Items

Go to Manage, Passes, and click on the pass you want to add to Square. Click 'Edit' and then enable the 'Sell Through Square' slider. That will add the pass to Square. (Turning that OFF will remove the item from Square.)

3) Sell Passes Through the Square Point of Sale

Now the fun part - sell some passes! 😃 Any pass items you sell through the Square POS, the Virtual Terminal, or the Square Online Store will be sync'd with Punchpass.

NOTE - it's important to understand that this integration REQUIRES you to sell your passes through Square. Selling passes through Punchpass will not use Square. That functionalty may be added in the future.

You will need to provide your students with the direct link to your Square web store - we recommend including it at the top of your public schedule page.

4) Sync New Orders by Visiting the Dashboard

Punchpass will alert you to new orders that need attention - to review your imported Square orders visit the link on the right sidebar.

5) You may need to manually match orders to customers in some cases

If there was no customer information attached to the order when we imported it, then we will leave it as 'unprocessed' - that means no pass has yet been created. Clicking on the link (in the image above) will show you the Square Orders page:

Clicking on the unprocessed order will drop down a section where you have 3 options...

  1. Create a NEW customer

  2. Match the order to an EXISTING customer

  3. Delete the order from Punchpass (that does not remove it from Square)

There is also a button that will let you view the order on Square - that should help you determine who placed the order so you can process it.

6) Optional - you can import your Punchpass customer list into Square

Square can import your customer list, which may help for handling orders from regular customers. To start, export your customer list from Punchpass. Here is the support document from Square explaining how to import a CSV file. You'll just need to match the columns correctly:

Import Customers Online

Video Overview to Get Started:


Please review these limitations before starting the integration. More details on getting started are after this section.

1) The Passes you want to sell through Square must be created in Punchpass - not in Square.

You must create the pass in Punchpass FIRST - items currently in Square, or created in Square, are not imported to Punchpass. Punchpass —> Square

This means if you already have passes set up in your Square account you may end up with duplicates. The item in Square will have the same name as the Pass in Punchpass. See the 'Getting Started' section below for more information.

2) Orders from Square are not synced with Punchpass until you visit the dashboard

Due to limitations with Square's Developer API, there is no way currently for Punchpass to know when an order has been placed in your Square account. So instead we will sync the orders every time you visit the Punchpass dashboard. Once Square improves their API we will be able to import orders right away.

3) Items sold in the past cannot be imported into Punchpass

We cannot import items sold in the past, and modifying an order after it has been imported will not affect the pass in Punchpass UNLESS it has not been imported yet. (see the refunds section below for more details.)

4) **Unlike Stripe, we cannot access your Square account**

Stripe was designed with 3rd party account access built in. Square does not have that functionality. We cannot access your account except through the API which makes troubleshooting things very difficult. For that reason it's important you provide as much information as necessary when trying to diagnose an issue.

5) Customer information may not be available for some orders (⚠️ Important!)

It is very easy (in fact most common) to create an itemized order in Square that doesn't have any customer information. This means that many orders will be imported into Punchpass without any customer information. We are working on improving this....for now you will need to 'match' some orders to existing customers (or create a new customer.) We have create a page specifically for this purpose - see the How To Get Started section below.

The best way to make sure this doesn't happen is to try and choose/create the customer in Square first, and then create a charge for that customer.

6) Non credit card transactions are currently NOT imported to Punchpass

This is something we are working to fix - but at the moment cash, check, gift card orders are not brought over to Punchpass. We are waiting on Square to update part of their API in order to make this work.

7) When multiple quantities of a single pass are purchased, all passes MIGHT be assigned to the same customer

One great feature of using Square is you can now have clients purchase multiple items at once - including multiple passes. When that order is brought into Punchpass, all of those passes will be assigned to a single customer account if the customer information is available. If one of the passes was for another customer, then you will have to transfer the pass to that customer manually. You'll easily see the duplicate in the list of passes as the transaction ID, then name, and the time will match:

8) **The Sales Settings in Punchpass do not apply to Square purchases**

There are a number of 'Online Sales Settings' in Punchpass, and they all currently affect passes sold through Punchpass via Stripe - NOT passes sold outside of Punchpass through Square.

Payment Specific Features Handled in Square

Handling Refunds

All refunds must be handled through Square, and if you would like the information in the pass to reflect the refund, you will need to manually edit the pass and add the amount refunded. Marking a pass as refunded in Punchpass will NOT create the refund in Square.


Punchpass does not apply taxes to imported Square orders, and does not 'sync' the taxes paid in Square with the tax settings in Punchpass. We may improve this in the future, but for now it is something to keep in mind. The price the customer paid (in full) for the pass is what is used for the pass cost in Punchpass.


Square has robust discounting/promotions functionality! When Punchpass imports the order, we will create the pass with the price the customer paid, after any discounts were applied. So for example if you give a customer 20% off of a $20 pass, we'll create a pass with a price of $16 in the customer account.

However the fact that a discount was applied is not reflected in Punchpass, and any discount codes created in Punchpass are NOT connected or linked in any way to Square. Square becomes the place to record and track how discounts are being used.

Payment Settings - Manage, Settings, Online Payments and individual pass setup

Just a reminder that if your current Punchpass plan allows for 'Online Payments', there are many spots in Punchpass where there are settings related to online purchases - but those settings only apply to passes sold directly through Punchpass. Square purchases will not be able to take those settings into account.

Questions? Problems?

Please log onto your Punchpass account and use the support messaging system to contact us. Please remember we do not have access to your Square dashboard, so you will need to provide as much information as you can. Thank you!

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