Punchpass doesn't integrate with Square (or other similar mobile payment providers) directly, but it's a great complimentary program for in-person payment processing

Unfortunately, Square doesn't provide any way to integrate with other services. But we still think they are great for in-person card processing. Many customers use them, and it's easy to just quickly assign the pass to the customer once you have charged them. You can take payment with Square & still manage your passes, customer list, attendances & reservations with Punchpass.

When you charge a customer's pass purchase using Square, you'll go into Punchpass and assign the corresponding pass to that person. We've made it really quick and easy for you to do that -- just go into the customer's profile & assign them a pass.

From that point on, you'll take attendance as usual & the pass will be debited. Punchpass will remind the customer when their pass is almost done so they'll know it's time to purchase another pass from you.

Even if you use Square for your in-person sales, you can consider using Stripe for your online pass sales (available on selected plans). If you go with Stripe, Punchpass will help you present your pass list online, and a customer's online purchase will generate a corresponding pass in that customer's Punchpass profile.

Stripe is one of the most customer friendly options available in the credit card processing space. Setting up Stripe & Punchpass is extremely simple and fast - many customers are up and running in less than an hour. Follow this link for detailed instructions...

Configuring online payments on Punchpass

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