If you want to adjust the display settings for your public calendar view, head to Manage Settings > Public Schedule!

At the top of the page, you will find your current link to share out with your customers. Click here for an overview on how to customize that link!

You will also be given the option to select certain features to display:

  1. The class length

  2. The number of spots left

  3. The instructor's name

  4. The GMT offset for Online Classes (so customers can see which timezone your calendar is in)

For number of spots left, you can also select a threshold for when to show. This will only show the spots left when there are LESS than your selected number of spots available. Or you can select to ONLY show when the class is full and there are no spots left.

Further down on the page, you can set how many days in advance you wish to display on your schedule. This does not need to match the number of days you allow customers to book out, but many users choose to make them the same (check out how to configure online reservation settings here!)

Here you can also select if you want the weekly calendar view to begin with Sunday or Monday.

Adding Custom Text

You can also add any custom text to the top of your public schedule! This is a great place to include studio policies, link to your Square store if you use Square integration, your business contact info, etc.

Make sure you click Save once you adjust your settings!

Manage Locations

At the very bottom of the page is where you can access the Locations or custom filter for classes:

Click here to learn more about managing multiple locations, or check out our how-to on changing this to a custom filter here!

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