You can manage multiple locations within a single Punchpass account, though there are some caveats to be aware of.

  • You'll have a single online schedule which shows the location of each class.

  • When you have classes in more than one location, your customers will see a filter on your public schedule.

  • When you're logged into Punchpass on the admin side, you'll be able to filter your internal view of the Classes page as well.

  • You'll have a single customer list, shared across your locations.

  • All of your setup is shared across your locations. But you can set up your passes to be good for one or both locations, depending on what you want.

  • You can use filtering to show just one location on your public schedule with a unique weblink.

You can specify the location of each class when you're setting it up & define a unique color for each location too, if you like.

You can change a class' location by going to Manage Classes and clicking the course name. From there, you can "Edit the Class".

Keep in mind that the location field for each class doesn't have to be a location! It can be whatever you'd like. Think of it as a custom field you can use to tell your customers more information about the class.

To define your locations, head to Manage Settings and click on Public Schedule. Then click on Manage Locations. Here's more information on how to set up your different Locations and/or change the name of 'Location' to better match your business. 

Here is a quick tutorial on how to add a location:

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