By default we allow you to create 'Locations' in Punchpass, and those locations are displayed on the public schedule and your customers can filter by those locations.   But what if you don't have multiple locations?  What if you run a 1 room studio?

Now you can change the word 'Location' to be whatever you want. 

To change the name of the custom filter, go to Manage Settings > Public Schedule.  Scroll to the bottom and there is a button to access the management screen.

We can change it to be 'Class Levels', and add Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.  

Then when we create a class time for our schedule, we can choose a class level:

And when we look at the public schedule, your customers can now Filter by class level:

We hope this helps add a bit of customization to let you modify Punchpass to your specific business!

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