It’s time to let your customers know about your new booking system and we’re here to help make your launch as easy as possible!

Before you make the big announcement to your students we recommend taking one last look at all of the ways you can make your public Punchpass pages feel like a natural extension of your business.

Take a moment to review this article and let us know if you have any follow-up questions:

Customizing Your Public Punchpass Pages

If you’ve checked everything and you’re ready to go then let’s do it!

THE PREPARATION (all plans) 

It’s a good idea to launch your public Punchpass pages on a day (or over a weekend) when you have fewer classes scheduled so you can easily deal with any issues that come up. The transition is generally very smooth but it doesn’t hurt to be over-prepared!

We recommend the “ripping off a bandaid” method for making the switch – this means not promoting (or ‘teasing’) your move to Punchpass until you have everything switched over and ready for your customers. Then when you have everything organised you can just let folks know what’s changed and exactly what they need to do next.

We’ve found that this method minimises confusion and keeps your students happy. (Of course you know your student base best and if you think they’d prefer some advance notice then that works too!)

Your first step is to change everything over to your public Punchpass pages behind the scenes.

We recommend checking the following places and switching any existing booking links and information to redirect to your new public Punchpass pages:

Your website:

  • embedded schedules and pricing information

  • links in text and graphics

Social media:

  • your basic company information and settings

  • your “Book Now” button and/or menu

  • any secondary apps (Linktree etc)

Additional directories:

  • Google business pages

  • Any directories you may belong to (Find Yoga/True Local/Yelp/Trip Advisor etc)

How to Embed Your Punchpass Schedule on Your Website

Show Your Schedule & Sell Passes From Facebook

THE LAUNCH (all plans) 

Once you have everything set up behind the scenes it’s time to make your big announcement!

You can send out an email and/or post on social media to invite your customers to check out your public Punchpass pages (and sign in/sign up as appropriate, see below for more details).

You’ll want to give students the link to your public schedule:

And pass purchase information (if you’re selling your passes online using Stripe):

You might also like to include information about how your students can set up Punchpass as an app on their phones:

Mobile Access to Punchpass for Your Students 

If you have our Bedrock plan then that's it - your customers are all set. For our other plans please read on...

CUSTOMER ACCOUNT CREATION (Balsam and Banyan plans only) 

If you (or the Punchpass team) have preloaded your customer list then your students will be set up with a Punchpass account but they still need to set a new password (we can’t bring this information over from another system).

You'll want to direct your students to click on "Create Account" (from your public Punchpass pages) to create their Punchpass account:

You could also click on that button and include that link instead, it will look something like this:

Students who are completely new to the system (i.e. you haven't added their information) can also use that same link to sign up for a Punchpass account. 

Either way your students will receive an account verification email and will need to follow a few simple steps to get their password set up.

And if they happen to choose the wrong option? No worries, we’ll guide them back to where they need to be to complete the process.

You can see which customers have completed the account creation process by checking their customer account for this message:

Or by reviewing your “Active Customers” report.

Keeping an eye on this information is a great way to see how many of your students have successfully signed up for a Punchpass account after your launch (high five!).

You may have also selected the option that allows students to sign up for classes without creating an online account (or you may have a combination of both).

If that’s the case then your customers can book a class by simply entering their full name and email address. If you’ve linked online payments then they can also purchase a pass online using the same information plus their credit card details.

Make sure you know which of these options you’ve enabled so that you can confidently deal with any student inquiries as they get to know the system.

How Do Customer Logins Work?

You should definitely let your customers know about the importance of using the same email address each time they book and/or pay (and to let you know if they’re having any problems instead of just using another email address).

Once your students have signed up then you’ll start to see bookings coming through (and passes being purchased if you’re selling them online using Stripe).

If you’ve done your homework then you’ll most likely find that the switch to Punchpass goes very smoothly. Students and customers generally find the system very intuitive and easy to navigate but you may have a few that need some additional assistance.

As always the team at Punchpass are here to assist with anything you need along the way so don’t hesitate to reach out!


We get a lot of requests for a general email template, but please note that the features are based on what you have access to (pricing plans) or what you have enabled. This is a general outline based on a Banyan account, but can be edited and adjusted to match your setup.



We’ve made the switch to a new online booking system and wanted to share the new link you can use to sign up for classes 😃

First, click here, (insert public schedule link), and consider bookmarking this site so you can easily get back to it in the future!

Then, click the green Create Account button. Enter your login details or use your Google credentials to create your account. You’ll receive an email to confirm, simply click the confirmation link and you are all set! Make sure you save your login information in a safe place in case you forget. In the future, you can just click Sign In!

Once you login, click Account to update your contact information and add an emergency contact (whatever other info you want here).

Once your account is set up, you can go to Purchase a Pass to buy any of our passes and memberships if you need one! Or use the Schedule (list view) or Calendar to review the classes, then click and book into your preferred class times!

You’ll receive a confirmation email after booking your class. If you are booking an online class, you’ll receive the Zoom link and password in the confirmation or reminder email. You can also log into your account and access the links from your homepage.

If you want to access a recorded class, click Content Library, then select the video and click to play! You can check out this how-to here!

If you have any questions, please contact us at (insert your email/phone here)!

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