Absolutely! You can use Punchpass several different ways when you offer private sessions:

1) Use the Punchpass Private Sessions Feature for Scheduling

Punchpass allows you to schedule your upcoming appointments with our Private Sessions feature. So you'll always be able to see who's coming up on your Punchpass schedule & you can mark their attendance & track payment using Punchpass.

Privates work a bit differently from group classes. When clients want to book, you (or another person logged into Punchpass) will do that for them. At that point, they'll receive confirmation, etc. The session will then show on your internal Punchpass calendar, but it won't be viewable on your public schedule.

Here's our guide on creating Private Sessions

2) Offer Appointments for Online Reservations & Attendance Tracking

Another option is to set up a fixed schedule in Punchpass using the Appointments feature (for example, hour-long sessions from 9-5 that begin on the hour).

You can restrict the number of attendees to one to ensure only one client can book per timeslot.

With this approach, you can invite customers to use Punchpass' online reservations feature to fill up your slots.

If you want to make appointments for personal training, here is a video for how to do that:

3) Pre-Book Private Sessions for Your Best Customers

If you have a regular customer who wants a private session at the same time each week, you can set up the class and class time, limit it to one attendee, and create a Standing Reservation for the customer.

Regardless of which approach you use for scheduling, you can offer pass purchases online via Punchpass with Stripe or Square integration. 

4) Use Punchpass for Attendance Tracking Only

You can use another tool for scheduling (like Google calendar), and use Punchpass to track attendance. For this option, set up a single "class" in Punchpass that is scheduled for each day. You and your staff will mark attendance for client visits using that day's "class" and Punchpass will debit their assigned passes or memberships.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We are six different teachers who give privates. If we have the same time slots, but different rooms, would it be possible to add those sessions to Punchpass so the clients can choose which one of us and book online?

You can! If you want clients to be able to book online then you'd set the sessions up as classes that can accommodate one student and then add the classes to the schedule as they are available.

You could use the locations filter if you want to assign the rooms ahead of time (but students may just choose based on the teacher).

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