You can add Standing Reservations to pre-register your best customers for their regular class times. So you can manage the spots in your classes better AND provide great service for your loyal clients!

To create a standing reservation, just click on All Reports (from your Home page), then Standing Reservations, then click here to Create a Standing Reservation:

Fill in the details and you're all set! 

Customers are NOT notified when you create a standing reservation for them (but you should email them!).

The individual class reservations can be canceled (if a customer can’t make it to class that day) without changing the standing reservation time. Customers can do it themselves if they have a login.

If you need to cancel the standing reservation altogether, you can do that easily too through the customer’s profile or by visiting the Standing Reservations Report (All Reports => Standing Reservations):

Standing Reservations are available on any of our current plans that offer online reservations.

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