If you've got a regular class on your schedule that you need to make permanent changes to, that's easy to do.

To start visit Manage Classes, click on the class name, and then scroll down to where you can "Manage the Repeating Schedule":

From here, click "edit" to modify a specific class time...

What Can Be Changed?

There are two sections - one will let you change the Instructor and Start Time.  You can also tell Punchpass a date in the future when those changes take effect.  

If you are no longer offering the current class time, you can scroll to the bottom to change the end date of the class, 

This makes mass changes to your schedule easy!

Important Note About Reservations

Punchpass will let you modify the start time of classes that have reservations.  We show you which classes on your schedule will be affected, but we do NOT alert your customers about the change.  So if you change a class it is wise to let your customers know as well.

Only want to modify a day or two?

 Click here to learn about making ad hoc changes to your schedule . 

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