Please review the entire document to ensure you have enabled online classes correctly! 

Punchpass now offers an integration with Zoom to let you offer online classes through video/web conferencing.  Now you can manage the scheduling, attendance, and pass management for your in-person AND your online classes in one place.  

This feature works on ALL Zoom plans - including the FREE one!  We are avid users of Zoom, so if you have any questions feel free to contact us. Keep in mind there are limits to the free plan (more info on that below), but it's a great way to test this out.

Starting The Integration

The Zoom Integration works on ALL Punchpass plans. It allows you to turn any Punchpass class into an online class with a Zoom link, with 1 click.  😃

First sign up for a Zoom account.

In your Zoom Settings, make sure your PMI is TURNED OFF. Review this how to here to ensure the settings are correct:

Then, log into Punchpass and click on Manage, Settings, and then click the Integrations box:

Then simply click on the 'Connect To Zoom' button and use your Zoom credentials to authorize Punchpass as an app on your Zoom account. You'll have to authorize Punchpass on your account.

How To Use The Integration

Setting a single class online:

From the Schedule, click on the class you want to enable, click the Actions dropdown and select Turn Class into Online Zoom Class:

The class details page will now show that the class is Online, and include the Zoom Meeting/Class Join URL. Punchpass AUTOMATICALLY creates the Zoom meeting in your account! 

If you want to disable the class as 'Online,' just use the Actions menu again and click the option to disable.

You can also quickly turn the class into a Zoom class from the calendar:

Recurring online classtimes:

To set a recurring classtime to online with Zoom, head to Manage Classes, click on the class name, and click Manage the Schedule.

Then, click Edit next to the classtime:

Toggle the Online class to ON and click to Save the online class status:

All of the instances of this classtime will be set to online, the Zoom meeting links will be automatically generated for the classtime 14 days in advance.

Punchpass will note that the class is an Online Class on your admin schedule AND your public schedule:

We definitely recommend that for any classes you decide should be online, that you take the time to modify the description to explain clearly that the class is online. You can also add a new 'Location' called Online or 'In Studio OR Online' and change those classes to have that location. To define your locations, head to Manage Settings and click on Public Schedule. Then click on Manage Locations. Your customers have probably come to expect in-person classes - you want to be sure they don't show up to your studio by mistake!  😃

Starting the Class!!!

To START the class, you or your instructors with access will want to click the "Click here to START online class" button. This button will appear 20-30 minutes before the classtime and will be active for 2 hours. If the button does not appear then we recommend refreshing your browser.

You can also log into your Zoom account, click on the meeting and start the meeting from Zoom.

We recommend sharing your host Zoom account login credentials with your instructors who need to host a meeting so if they need to, they can start the meeting from Zoom.

NOTE: If your instructor is using Windows, this button will not allow them to start a meeting unless they have the Zoom host login credentials. 

The Customer Experience

When customers book into an online class, they will receive the Zoom link in the class confirmation email, in the reservation REMINDER (turn on reservation reminders in Manage Settings > Online Reservations) as well as in an additional email automatically sent 20-30 minutes prior to the class. The Join URL is also added to the description field for the 'Add To Calendar' event that they can click on after making a reservation.

Customers just need to click the link to join. Zoom will prompt them to download their app, but they will not need a Zoom account to attend!

Important!! Recording the Session
We are working on trying to record the sessions automatically - however we recommend you change your settings to ensure that happens.  Log into Zoom and go to Settings, Recordings, then turn on Automatic Recording.

This integration makes it VERY easy to create online classes - give it a try for your studio.

Here is a video for you to send to your customers on how to access the zoom class:

Mark Attendance

We recommend marking all reservations as attended if you are sending a link to the recording or using the Class Content feature to provide the video to everyone who registered. That way you can mark them as attending even if they weren't there 'live'.

Limitations To Keep In Mind

Meeting Limit on Zoom Free Plan
The primary limitation for the FREE Zoom plan is the meeting can only be 40 minutes long. So you can really only teach a 30 min class. You are also limited to 100 participants...but that isn't much of a limit!

You may want to look into the paid Zoom plans if you want to support longer classes, record to the cloud, and allow more attendees!

Classes Cannot Overlap
Because a host can only have one meeting going at a time, online classes cannot overlap.

Using the Waiting Room feature
You can turn this feature ON or OFF in your Zoom account.

The changes you make to your Zoom settings will affect future meetings Punchpass creates. This means that any pre-existing online classes already on your schedule will need to be updated in Zoom to use this feature.

A Note To Bedrock Clients

We've made an enhancement to your Punchpass plan in response to the current crisis.

You can now offer your classes online more easily. We've just expanded your access to include online reservations and automated email reminders from Punchpass.  

The addition of reservations to the Bedrock plan is a temporary measure that we've made to give you some relief at this challenging moment. Your plan will return to normal when the crisis has passed. There will be no change to the cost of your plan right now.

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