Punchpass lets you keep your class schedule organized in one place and share it with your customers online. When your customers arrive, you'll be all ready to take attendance.


Once the class is defined, you can add it to your schedule within Manage > Classes. Just click on the class name and click the "Manage the Schedule" button...

This will take you to the Class Schedule section. In the Add New Repeating Class Times section, you can add your new recurring class.

After adding your recurring classes times, the classes will appear on the Class Schedule as you defined.

You'll see a separate row for each time the class is being offered.  You won't need to add a new class type for every time this class is being offered -- just re-use this class definition and add a new row for each additional class time.

Making Changes To Your Schedule

Of course, schedules never stay the same!  To learn about making changes to your schedule you can visit....

Modifying a Class Time - Making Bulk Changes 

Making One-off Changes to a Class


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