If you want to offer a routine schedule of classes/sessions outside of your regular group classes that customers can easily locate and book, you can now do this with Appointments!

Here is a quick demo for setting up schedules for specific classes:

The Appointments feature is ideal for:

  • booking a private 1-1 session from your schedule

  • offering personal training

  • open gym booking

  • creating online reservations for any recurring class or offering

Here is how to set up an appointment for a small group:

Please be aware that you will need to set up regular class times for the appointments, customers will NOT be able to create their own sessions with this feature.

Here's a video overview of the new feature:

How to Create an Appointment

Appointments live in the Manage -> Classes section of Punchpass. Once they're created you'll see them listed in the Active Appointments section alongside your Active Classes.

Let's make an Appointment!

1. From Manage Classes, select "+New Class" and choose your settings: the number of attendees, the length of the classes, all the usual class settings.

You can also click on an existing class type and click Edit if you have one already set up you wish to use!

2. Underneath the Reservation Settings, you'll see the option to toggle on the Appointment feature.

When Appointments are enabled, any class times set up for this type of class will be an Appointment. This will separate from your regular class schedule too. Press "Save" when your settings are set.

3. Now you will set up your recurring schedule for these sessions:

If you need a walk-through of setting up weekly class times, click here!

4. Don't forget to set your Pass/Class Eligibility for these sessions.

5. Then, head to Schedule and click on Appointments to check your offerings:

Once they are on your calendar, Appointments act like any other class in terms of booking, limits around reservations, etc.

Changing Appointments to a custom name on your Public Schedule

If you want to change the term "Appointments" to something more specific to your offerings, head into Manage Settings > Public Schedule and scroll to the "What text do you want on the Appointment Button" field. Enter your preferred name and click Save.

As a customer, they can now see your schedule of appointments with your preferred name:

The appointments feature is great for having a separate calendar your customers can use to book. Clients have used Appointments to let customers book time in their training recovery room, limit the # of hourly reservations for open gym due to Covid regulations, and even reserve time on treadmills!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Appointments sync with my calendar to show open spots?

No - we do not sync with your calendar to only show 'open' spots. This feature is designed for regularly scheduled classes, appointments, or sessions. (See below for some examples!)

My schedule is very different each week - is this a good fit for me?

It probably is not - because you'll need to create a repeating schedule (just like you do for your group classes). You can delete specific appointments from week to week if you need to of course.

Can we create a Standing Reservation for a customer for an 'Appointment'?

Yes! Punchpass treats 'Appointments' just like a regular class. You can have standing reservations, a waitlist, limits on size, etc.

Why would we use this instead of just putting these on the regular calendar?

If you have lots of options for appointments, they can overwhelm your group class schedule, making it hard for customers to book. Appointments let you create a separate dedicated schedule to keep the process easier for your customers. Here are a few examples!

1) You have a gym that can only fit 10 people at a time (due to Covid or just space). You can create a 'Book Open Gym' schedule with 1-hour appointments, with each hour having a limit of 10 reservations.

2) You teach group classes in the morning and are open for private sessions in the afternoon. Now you could create a 'Book Private Sessions' calendar that JUST has those options.

Let us know how you start using Appointments!

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