When you create a new Pass, Punchpass will automatically accept it for all of your classes. If you want to restrict the classes that can be used with your pass, you will need to adjust the eligibility settings.

Scroll down the "Define a New Pass" page to adjust the classes you want to be eligible for that pass. All of your classes are automatically selected, but you can use the Select All/Clear All buttons as well as the checkboxes next to the classes to make your changes:

By selecting certain classes for passes, pass eligibility allows you to charge different amounts for different classes!

For example, if Class A costs $20 to attend, but Class B costs $30, setting pass eligibility will help you charge the right amount for each class. 

Using this example, Pass A would be $100 for a 5 punch pass ($20 x 5), and Pass B would be $150 for a 5 punch pass ($30 x 5). All classes that are $20 can be tied to Pass A, and all classes that are $30 can be tied to Pass B.

Once you've tied the passes & classes together as you wish, Punchpass will know which pass to deduct when you are taking attendance for a class.

To adjust, head to Manage Passes. Click the pass, then click Eligible Classes to adjust which classes to accept:

You can also modify the connection from the class side (Manage Classes).

If one of your customers has a pass that isn't accepted for the class they are attending, Punchpass will flag them with "Needs Pass" when you are taking attendance.

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