We know there are often times that you'd like to give students access to a free pass - maybe you offer a free trial period or are running a special promotion and want students to be able to grab a free pass online. You'll need to create a pass and a discount code to make this work, here's how to set it up and more about your options along the way.

(Do you also need to be able to assign free passes from the admin side of Punchpass? That works a little differently, you can read more about how to set it up here.)

Creating the Pass:

In most cases you'll create a specific pass to be used as your free pass. If you just want to make one of your regular passes free for a while then skip to the Discount Code section below.

Go to Manage -> Passes to set up a new pass. This is an example of a pass that will be used as a free intro pass:

You may like to limit the pass so it can only be purchased once per customer and/or limit it to new customers only (customers will qualify if they've never bought a pass/membership/Ticket from you before).

You can also choose the price - since we're going to apply a 100% discount it's not super important what you put here. Some studios just put an amount like $1, others prefer to show the full price of that type of pass so students can see how much they're saving when they get it for free.

As always you'll need to also define the types of classes that the pass will be eligible for, you can find out how to do that here. You may need to limit the usage to specific classes or types of classes, make sure you've done that before moving onto the next step.

Creating the Discount Code:

Now we'll set up the 100% off discount code to be applied to the pass.

The basic instructions for setting up the code can be found here - you'll want to be extra sure that the 100% off code can only be applied to your selected pass or students will be able to purchase other types of passes for free 😬

You may also like to limit the number of times the discount code can be applied, that will effectively be the number of free passes that you're giving away.

Once you've created the discount code students won't be able to see it or find it unless you share it with them. You can see in the screenshot above that we've included the discount code in the pass description for our free intro pass - if you want the free passes to be freely available then that's a great option. But otherwise you can keep it a secret and only send the discount code out to selected students, members, teachers etc as you need to!

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