Punchpass lets you keep your class schedule organized in one place and share it with your customers online.  So you only have one place to set up and manage your class list!  This makes it very easy for your customers to see your upcoming classes & click right through your schedule to make a reservation if your Punchpass plan supports them.

No website? No problem! Share your schedule via Facebook or email.

It’s easy to integrate your schedule on your website.  Here's how:

The Simplest Approach: Add a Button

We recommend adding a Button on your site, and linking it to your custom URL. That way your customers can just click the button to see your schedule.  

To find your custom url, just go to Manage Settings > Public Web Pages.

An Advanced Approach: Embedding Your Schedule

You have two schedule views to choose from -- list or calendar view.  Either works great, so choose the one that works best for your needs.  On mobile, we recommend the list view for easy viewing!

List View Sample

Calendar View Sample

Custom code for each of the views is available by going to Manage Settings > Embedding Punchpass.

You can change the default text that shows at the top of your embedded schedule by going to Manage Settings > Public Schedule.  Just add the text you want to display here:

Here is how to get started with embedding:

Weebly or Wix??

If you are using either Weebly.com or Wix.com to host/build your website, you're in luck. Here are example pages we made on both platforms - both have instructions as well as an example embedded schedule. It's VERY easy to get started with these platforms.



(Looking for an easy to use service for your website? We definitely recommend trying Wix.com We hadn't used it before setting up the demo site, and it's an impressive service. Very easy to use. They have some nice free fitness themes that you can then modify.)


 - See our Wordpress Embed Article

We have written a support article specific for Wordpress (see the article list above.) You are able to embed your schedule on Wordpress.org websites - if you use Wordpress.com then there is no way to embed the schedule. Contact us if you aren't sure!


The trick with Squarespace is you want to add a Code block (NOT an Embed block.)  So find the spot on your site in the Squarespace admin where you want to have the schedule and add a code block.  Then paste your custom embed code there.

Other Sites...

Every web host is a little different - some will make it easy, some won't. In general, you are going to be adding an iframe to your site. Think of that like a little box that can display content from another website. The code looks like this:

<iframe name="frame2" src="https://app.punchpass.net/embed/1/classes" height="700" width="100%" frameborder="0"></iframe>

IMPORTANT - Log in to Punchpass, click on Manage Settings > Embedding Punchpass to find your custom page link. The iframe code shown above is not your custom code.

Allowing Pass Purchases from Your Embedded Schedule

If you offer online pass purchases via Punchpass/Stripe, you might typically choose to embed pass purchases on a different web page from your schedule.  But if you would prefer to allow pass purchases right from your embedded schedule, you can add buttons to the top of your schedule.  This will allow you to create a single web page where your customers can access the schedule AND purchase passes.  Here is an example page.

Depending on what features you offer, these additional buttons will automatically show:

To add these buttons, you will place additional embed code ABOVE the schedule embed code. Your custom embed code for these buttons is shown on Manage Settings > Embedding Punchpass.

What if I don't have a website or I can't embed on mine?

No website? No problem!

We also provide a standalone Punchpass-hosted online schedule page with your logo.  Here's a sample of what that looks like.

You can direct your customers to your own custom schedule from your Facebook page, from a button on your website....or even from an email!  

You can find your custom link by going to Manage Settings => Embedding Punchpass.  

If you offer online pass purchases via Punchpass/Stripe, navigation buttons are automatically shown to direct your customers between your schedule and pass purchase pages.

Click here to learn more about giving your customers access to Punchpass from your Facebook page.

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