Here are instructions on how to embed your Punchpass class schedule on your Wordpress website.

Note: This is for sites; websites that use Wordpress through a website hosting provider.

Right now you cannot embed Punchpass on websites hosted on Contact us if you aren't sure!

Step 1 - Install the iframe plugin

Punchpass uses something called an iframe to let you put your schedule on your own website. Think of an iframe like a web-based picture frame that can show content from another website. In order to use one on Wordpress you need to install the iframe plugin.

Open your Wordpress admin console, and click on the Plugins link on the left side. Search for 'iframe'

The iframe plugin should be the first one to come up - the arrow is pointing to the correct one to install.

Click Install Now. You'll then need to Activate the plugin, and may also be asked to empty the page cache. (There will be a button to click to clear it if asked.)

Step 2 - Install the embed code

Now open the page where you are going to embed your schedule. We recommend putting your schedule on a page, not a post, as that puts the schedule in a fixed location that will appear on your navigation bar.

You can find the code you need in your Punchpass settings under "Embedding Punchpass" (you can choose your preferred view, we've given you the code for both a list and calendar version):


PLEASE NOTE - You will need to change the < to [ around your iframe code for Wordpress to read it correctly!

Then just paste the code on your Wordpress page and save!

If you're using our Banyan plan and Stripe for online pass purchases then you can also embed your pass and membership options on your website. You'll see a "Your Passes For Purchase" code on the Embedding Punchpass page - use the same method above to add that to your website.

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