You can assign each class in Punchpass a particular color. We'll then flag that class on the public calendar with that color. Here's how it looks to your customers:

This gives you all sorts of flexibility. Highlight classes that are series. Highlight special events. Color code classes according to studio location. Or ability level required. Whatever you'd like!

To customize your colors, just go to Manage Classes. Click on each class and then Edit. You'll see a little color box you can use to change the color from the default to the color of your choice!

Customize the scheme of your schedule

You can find this option under Manage Settings > Public Web Pages

Set the color theme for your Logged-In Member pages. Once updated, sign in as a customer, have a look, and update again until you are happy with the colors!

Embedding your schedule on your website? The theme color will carry through to your embedded timetables too.

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