You can customize the automated email receipts your customers receive from Punchpass. This lets you add your own personal style to the message (yeeha!!) AND allows Punchpass to be used in countries where English is not the primary language (learn more about our language support).

There are three customizable automated emails within Punchpass:

  • Pass purchase receipts

  • Pass expiration notices

  • Reservation confirmations (if you allow registrations/class bookings)

These emails are ALL customizable. Just go to Manage Settings > Customer Communications to improve the generic messages.

For each of the automated emails, you'll see two fields to edit: one for the subject line, one for the email text. Simply edit them and click 'Save Changes'

If you want to add a link, highlight the text and click the link icon to add a URL.

You can add images to these emails up to 5GB in size. Please note that the images will be resized to a max of 600px wide for better viewing within emails!

You can also attach files to these emails for a max size of 10GB.

If you'd like to test any of the the emails, simply create a test customer with your email address. Then just have that test customer buy a pass or make a reservation.

NOTE: Punchpass also sends automated reminder notices for reservations, whose wording cannot be customized.

Here are some other places you can customize the wording you show within Punchpass:

  • At the top of your public schedule page (Public Schedule)

  • Within each of your class descriptions (Manage Classes)

  • At the top of your public pass purchase page, if you sell passes online (Online Payments)

  • Within each of your pass descriptions (Manage Passes)

Punchpass ALSO allows you to send custom emails to your customers anytime you like. You can send a particular email to one or multiple customers at a time.

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