At Punchpass we do absolutely everything we can to make sure that emails sent from your Punchpass account (both automatically and manually) reach your customers as intended. But with so many moving parts and different email providers in the mix unfortunately sometimes messages do go astray. Here's how to get them back on track...

1. Customer isn't receiving custom emails from you

If your customer is not receiving your custom emails, they may have unsubscribed. If you go to Customers > click on the customer name > click on their Info tab, you will see if they are marked as Unsubscribed.

First, please confirm with the customer that they wish to receive custom emails from you!

If they confirm, you can click Resubscribe to resume sending.

2. Customer isn't receiving automated emails from Punchpass

Most often these emails have actually been delivered to your customer successfully but have been routed to somewhere other than their inbox (most commonly their spam folder).

Punchpass does everything it can to 'sign' all of our emails so they are seen as legitimate emails by the different ISPs.....but it's important to understand that WE do not get to decide where the email end up. Your customer's email provider gets to decide that. Punchpass sends hundreds of thousands of emails per week - some are going to get routed to the wrong spot!

When an email isn't received we recommend that your customer first does a search for "[email protected]" within their email account (search all folders) to see if the missing email(s) turn up. If they do then it's important to mark those messages as "not spam" so the email provider knows to deliver those types of messages directly to their inbox in the future.

Here are the instructions for how to do that from some of the major email providers (if your customer's provider isn't on this list then we recommend they check with them directly):





If that search doesn't uncover the email(s) then there may have been an issue with the message being delivered. In that case please reach out to us at [email protected] (or via the online chat) and provide the customer's email address so we can investigate further.

3. Customer is marked Bounced

If your customer is marked as "Bounced," first confirm that this is their correct email address with no typos.

If their email address is correct, we recommend re-starting sending by changing their email to a dummy email (i.e. [email protected]) and then changing it back to their correct email address. This resets sending to their email address.

Additionally, we recommend directing the customer to add Punchpass as a saved contact in order to potentially resolve the bounce.

If emails continue to bounce, please reach out to us at [email protected] or in the chat with the customer's email address so we can investigate the issue on our email server.

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