As hard as we try bad email addresses will get into the system.  When we try to send an email to them, the email 'bounces'.  That means it was returned to us with an error saying the email was bad. That can range from a misspelling ( gmail.con instead of .com), missing characters, or simply old email addresses that no longer work.

When this happens, Punchpass will mark the customer's account as having a bounced email. This will stop the system from trying to send them any future emails.  

How We Let You Know:

First - on their Customer Details Page:

And also in the Customer list, next to their email:

What Should You Do?

There are two things you should do. First, you should see if there are any obvious issues with the email. (Did they misspell .com?  Put the @ symbol twice?  Missing a period?). Often the mistake is obvious. If you go ahead and edit the customer account and change the email, Punchpass will automatically resume sending to them.

Otherwise the only other option is to ask them! Let them know their email had a problem and confirm what the correct one should be. Edit their customer account, modify the email address, and Punchpass will resume sending.

(Do they claim the email is correct? Go ahead and edit their account and add a space at the end of the email. That will let Punchpass start sending again. Note - old emails that were not delivered are NOT saved.)

Stay On Top of It!

Managing your customer emails can definitely be a hassle at times! But just remember that email is the best way to reach your customers, so it's worth the effort to keep your customer list up to date.

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