An email can be automatically sent from Punchpass if someone has 2 punches left OR there is 1 week until it expires.

To set up or disable this feature, you can edit the pass (or passes) you want to modify. Go into Manage -> Passes, then click through the pass & edit the pass. You can then change the pass setting to enable/disable emails when the pass is about to expire.

First - Enable This On A Per Pass Basis

You need to turn this on for every pass type you want emails sent. For example you probably DO want emails sent for your 10 visit punchcard, but not your drop-in passes. To enable sending edit the pass in Manage -> Passes and choose Yes - send emails.

Second - Edit The Email

There is a section in Manage Settings called Customer Communications. It's where we let you edit the emails we send on your behalf to your customers. Right now there are only two, but as we grow our feature set this is where the communications will be configured.

If you sell passes online, this is a great place to add a link to your site!

That's it!

Emails will be sent when a pass either has 2 punches left OR has 1 week left before it expires. Passes are then flagged as having had the email sent, so a pass won't be sent the email again. 

Here's a little cheat sheet about how Punchpass helps you manage passes that are about to expire...

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