You can bundle classes together in order to create what we call a 'Series' - a group of classes that your customers can register for (and/or purchase) at once.

And most of the time, we hope, your customer will register themselves for your Series.

Is the customer in front of you? Last minute registration? And maybe there is now a waitlist?

Here's what to do when you need to manually register a customer for the entire series, add them to an individual class, or sign them up for a Series waitlist.

Is this your first time creating a series of classes? Looking for more of an overview of getting started with a Series? Please read our Creating A Series guide.

How to manually create a customer reservation for your Series

Open any class in the series from your Schedule or select a class from the Series Overview page.

You can navigate to the Series Overview page by heading to Manage -> Classes and in the Active Series section, and selecting the Series Name. Here you'll see a list of all of the classes that are part of the series; select one to open the Class Details page.

From the Class Details page, press the "Add A New Reservation" button.

  • Select the option "create reservations for the whole series" to register a customer for all classes in the series;

  • Or create a reservation for the individual class.

After adding the reservation you'll see a success status message and see the customer listed in the Waiting to Attend section.

How to manually add a customer to the waitlist for your Series

Each Series is created from an existing class. When setting up that class, if you turned on the Waitlist feature, and if your Series is fully booked, you'll see an additional option when manually adding a customer reservation – to add them to the waitlist!

After pressing the "Add a New Reservation" button for a fully booked class in a series, you'll see the option to add the customer to the waitlist.

If you're interested in learning more about the customer experience of waitlists, please visit this guide: Configuring Waitlists.

Troubleshooting tips:

Scenario 1: You try adding a reservation for the whole series, but you see this warning message that you will overbook the series.

This message means that at least one class in the series is already full.

When deleting customer reservations from individual classes, this can happen.

As a best practice, when deleting reservations in a series for a customer, you'll want to either do that from the customer account or from the Series Overview page.

The series overview page lives here: From Manage -> Classes, select the series in question and you land on the Series Overview page.

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