There are more and more reports in Punchpass that have a column called 'Attributed Revenue' - this article explains what it is, how we calculate it, and how you should use it to help evaluate your classes and passes.

Attributed Revenue is revenue from your pass sales that we assign to a specific class. The goal is to give you a revenue figure for each individual class - that helps you answer questions like...

  • Which classes are most profitable?

  • Which days of the week (or time of day!) are most profitable?

The way we do this is to calculate a 'per visit' amount for each visit on a pass. Every attendance is linked to a specific pass, so we can use the pass per-visit amount to assign a revenue figure to the attendance. Add all the attendances up for a class and voila! you have revenue attributed to that specific class.

There is one important thing to understand. Until a pass is actually full and/or expired we can only estimate the per-visit revenue. Let's look at the two different pass types for examples.


Punchcards are easier because they have a specific number of visits, so we can calculate a per-visit number right away. However, it is still important to understand that can change.

The Pass: 10 Visit Punchcard that expires after 2 months.

Cost: $80

Initial Per Visit Cost: $8 ($80 / 10 visits)

When that pass is created we assign it a per-visit value of $8. And we will use that figure for calculating the class revenue for any class the pass is used for. At the end of 2 months, the pass expires and can no longer be used. Then we recalculate the per-visit revenue.

Actual Visits Used: 7 out of 10

Final Per Visit Revenue: $11.43 ($80 / 7 visits)

So while the figure did not change a lot, it DID change once the pass was finished.

Unlimited Passes

Unlimited passes are much harder. There is no initial way to calculate the per-visit revenue because they have, by definition, an unlimited number of visits. 😃

So in order to calculate per-visit revenue, we let the client tell us what the number should be! There is a spot in the settings (more info below) clients can use to tell us what figure we should use. If we don't have that information, we use $10.

The Pass: 1 Month Unlimited

Cost: $120

Initial Per Visit Cost: $10 (we use the default)

That is the number we use until the pass expires - then we calculate the final 'correct' number.

Actual Visits: 5

Final Per Visit Revenue: $24 ($120 / 5 visits)

As you can see, the per-visit revenue changed....quite a bit! If the customer had visited 8 times, it would have been $15, but if they had visited 15 times it would have been $8.

We will highlight attributed revenue where we can in the app to let you know that the figure may change.

Why show a number if we know it will change?

The Attributed Revenue figure is designed to help you make high-level decisions:

  • Are my morning classes more profitable than my afternoon?

  • Are my yoga classes more profitable than my pilates classes?

  • Which pass brings in the most revenue per visit?

It is NOT designed for something like payroll, since the revenue number may change over time until all the passes have been used. Another way to think of this - the number will continue to get better and better until all the passes have been used up or expired. Only at that point will the number truly be final.

How to Get Started

First of all, there is nothing you need to do - we calculate this figure automatically! But if you sell Unlimited Passes, we do recommend you visit Manage, Settings, General Settings, and tell us a figure you'd like us to use for Per Visit revenue. You also have the option to NOT include 'No Shows' in those reports.

We are going to continue to work on getting you better information about the passes you currently sell so you can make better decisions for your business.

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