Have you been wondering what report will show you revenue by class? Are you also looking to pair that information with revenue per attendance?

When you combine the Individual Class Details report with our Instructor Activities report, you now have powerful reporting tools that will help inform your payroll activities and determine your most profitable classes.

Let's dive in!

What is the Individual Class Details report?

For the specified date range you see:

  • A list of classes: Every class for the specified date range, listed by name in alphabetical order.

  • Start time: For each class name, we show the day, date, and time the class started. This is organized by date.

  • Instructor: The class instructor.

  • Attendance: The number of people who were marked as attending the class.

  • Attributed Revenue per class

You might also notice the warning message for Attributed Revenue depending on the date range you're looking at:

Customizing your Individual Class Details Report

Setting a Value for Unlimited Memberships

Since unlimited passes start and end on different days for different customers, we use an estimate to calculate your attributed revenue. This estimate only impacts data where unlimited passes are still active.

<a href=https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/308210604/2d6db64738992f9ec16133eb/Punchpass+-+General+Settings+-+Attributed+Revenue+2.png"/>
  • This calculation is zero by default.

  • This setting will reflect the currency your business is using.

  • You can change this number!

  • When you see the ⚠️ emoji, this calculation is using attributed revenue.

Step-by-step: Set the Average Price Per Class for Unlimited Passes

From Manage Settings > General Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter your best estimate for the price per class. Press save.

<a href=https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/308210228/f2142d65be0d67ab3520adf4/Punchpass+-+General+Settings+-+Attributed+Revenue+1.png"/>

Please note the Attributed Revenue value you enter will also impact the calculations displayed in your Instructor Activities Report as well.

FAQs about the Individual Class Details Report

Why is my Attributed Revenue per class $0?

If the class is free, it won't have any attributed revenue.

Here's an example of what a FREE class looks like in this report:

What other reports use Attributed Revenue?

We also use the Attributed Revenue calculation in the Instructor Activities Report, a report that will help you determine payroll for your instructors and details revenue by attendance per instructor.

I'm looking for more information about revenue by attendance... where can I find that?

Please visit our guide on the Instructor Activities report for more information!

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