Maybe you've been wondering:

  • How do I calculate payroll at the end of the month?

  • Which report tracks monthly sales broken down by the teacher?

  • Which report details my profit and includes no-show attendance?

With the Instructor Activities report you get the detailed information you need to pay your instructors.

What is the Instructor Activities Report?

Punchpass Instructor Activities Report

For the specified date range you see:

  • A list of instructors

  • The number of classes taught

  • The number of class attendances: The total number of people who made reservations and attended class.

  • The number of No-Shows: The number of people who made a reservation, but didn't show up to class.

  • Average Attendance: The average number of people who attend per class per instructor.

  • Attributed Revenue per instructor

You might also notice the warning message for Attributed Revenue depending on the date range you're looking at:

Punchpass Instructor Activities Report

Customizing the Instructor Activities Report for your Business

These options live in Manage Settings > General Settings. From the General Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page, make your selections, and press save.

Here's what you can customize:

  • Should Punchpass calculate a value for no-show attendance?

  • What is the average price per class for active unlimited passes?

When making changes, it might take a few minutes for the changes to reflect in your report.

Calculate No-Show Attendance

Do you subtract no-show attendance from your instructor revenue? Turn this feature on or off as desired for your business reporting.

  • This calculation is OFF by default.

  • Turning this feature on will apply only to attendance during the last year. If today is February 2021, and you turn this feature on, the Instructor Activities Report will calculate no-show attendance as far back as February 2020.

Wait, what?

Turning this calculation ON will subtract the value of No Show Attendance from the Attributed Revenue, so the Attributed Revenue per instructor goes down.

Step-by-step: Turn on the Calculation for No-Show Attendance

From Manage Settings > General Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the toggle switch to turn this feature on, and press save.

When you press save, your Instructor Activities Report will update the Attributed Revenue column. This might take a few minutes.

Setting a Value for Unlimited Memberships

Since unlimited passes start and end on different days for different customers, we use an estimate to calculate your attributed revenue by the instructor for the current month.

Punchpass Instructor Activities Report
  • This calculation is zero by default.

  • This setting will reflect the currency your business is using.

  • You can change this number!

Wait, what?

Past months, where unlimited passes have expired, will use a calculated value to determine attributed revenue. This estimate only impacts the months where unlimited passes are still active.

Step-by-step: Set the Average Price Per Class for Unlimited Passes

From Manage Settings > General Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter your best estimate for the price per class. Press save.


What's the best way to get started with the Instructor Activities Report?

First time using the report? We recommend that you export your report for the desired time frame without any adjustments to the settings described above.

And check out this helpful article on Attributed Revenue.

After you've exported the data, make your adjustments and compare. You can always change the settings!

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