Punchpass offers online payment integrations with Stripe and Square but you can also take payments through any other method and manually reconcile those quickly and easily in students' accounts.

To check out our webinar review of payment options in Punchpass, click here!

Option 1: Punchpass Banyan plan + Stripe integration

This is our most comprehensive, hands-off, time-saving approach to taking online payments and the one that most Punchpass users will choose.

Using Stripe makes it feel like the students are buying their passes and memberships on your custom Punchpass pages but using Stripe to process the payment.

With this option your students can:

  • purchase passes online and instantly have them available for use

  • purchase recurring memberships online and have the payments automatically charged to their credit card on the membership renewal date

  • buy Tickets to workshops and special events

In addition you (and your instructors) can:

  • take in-person credit card payments at your studio for passes, memberships and Tickets

  • require a valid pass on file for each reservation (if the student doesn't have a current pass then we'll let them know which ones they can buy)

  • create discount codes for pass purchases

  • offer donation-based passes

Click here for more information about our Stripe integration.

Please note: the Stripe integration is only available on our Banyan plan, Stripe can't be used with Balsam or Bedrock.

Option 2: Any Punchpass plan + Square Integration

We also offer a more limited integration with Square which sends students to your Square checkout to purchase a pass or membership. That purchase then generates through to Punchpass almost instantly and the pass is available for use in the student's account.

You will need to provide a link to your Square web store in order for students to make a purchase online and you can also use Square's point of sale readers for in-person payments. We recommend adding this link to the top of your schedule using the custom text box under Manage Settings > Public Schedule.

Square is not compatible with recurring memberships, our Tickets feature or in-line payments for multi-class courses.

Click here for more information about our Square integration.

Option 3: Any Punchpass plan + external payment providers

(You can also use these payment options in conjunction with the Square and/or Stripe integrations detailed above)

Of course you can also take cash, checks, Venmo, Paypal, bank transfers etc. as payment for your passes and memberships - you'll just need to manually add those to Punchpass and generate the associated pass or membership for your student.

With some providers you'll be able to set up pre-determined amounts for students to pay, like with Paypal.

Click here for more information about taking payments through cash/check/Venmo etc

Click here for more information about managing non-Stripe memberships

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