Your regular passes in Punchpass offer you a way to collect a one-time charge that allows your customer access for a limited time frame and/or a certain number of visits. Click here to learn more about passes.

But memberships in Punchpass give you recurring revenue while your customers get ongoing access.

Memberships are available on selected Punchpass plans. If you want to check them out, we'd be glad to let you try a new plan for a week at no charge. Just let us know & we'll take care of you.

Punchpass memberships have some great features:

  • Customers can buy online, and we'll coordinate the recurring charges with Stripe.

  • Choose whatever payment periods are right for your business.

  • Offer unlimited attendance or allocate a certain number of visits for each period.

  • Your memberships can be ongoing with no end date OR a limited span of time.

  • Have your own payment provider? No problem - reconciliation is easy.


You'll set up your memberships in the same spot where you define your passes. To get started, visit Manage Accounts => Manage Passes. From there, you can Define a New Membership.

You'll be able to configure your membership offers however you like:

You'll want to clearly explain the terms of your membership in its description.

If you want Stripe to process recurring charges, your customers will use your public pass purchase page to initiate their membership and pay.

You have the option of sending (or not sending) a confirmation email to your customers each time their membership is renewed (in the example above, that's monthly). The confirmation email is sent regardless of payment status. You can make that choice by visiting Manage Account => Manage Customer Communications:


You should review the Memberships Report regularly to review the payment status of your memberships.

Here's more about how to manage your memberships.


If you're not using the Punchpass/Stripe integration to collect your membership payments, you'll want to define your memberships in Punchpass so that the length & timing coordinates with the charges you're collecting from your provider. You should start by working with your payment provider on payment structure & then set up Punchpass to mimic what you set up there.

A pass in Punchpass will automatically renew as long as the membership is active regardless of payment! Each pass will be marked Unpaid until you mark the payment as received. You'll need to reconcile your incoming payments with Punchpass by visiting the Memberships Report.

Now that you have Memberships set up, click here to learn more about managing them.

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