Yes, you can set a donation range for your passes!

Here is a quick demo explaining donation passes:

First, head to Manage Passes to create a new pass (or edit an existing pass).

In the pass setup:

  1. Set the pass to sell online (requires Stripe integration).

  2. Toggle "Are donations accepted for this pass?" to ON.

  3. Set the minimum and maximum amounts for the pass (whole numbers only, the minimum cannot be 0)

From your purchase a pass page, your pass will be listed along with the payment range:

Customers will use the dropdown to select the amount they wish to pay:

If you add tax to pass purchases in your account, the tax will be included in the pass price:

Please note:

  • Passes with a donation range are not compatible with discount codes.

  • Passes with a donation range can't be assigned from the admin side (i.e. for in-person sales). If you need to take donation-based payments in-person then we recommend using your public pass purchase pages to process the sale.

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