In Punchpass, gift passes can be purchased by a gifter to provide their recipient a free redemption of a pass you sell online. This is only available to Punchpass plans that support our Stripe integration.

Under Manage Passes, make sure you have a pass available to be sold online. This could be based on your usual pass offerings!

A few things to be aware of when offering gift cards:

  • Only passes, which are sold online, can be offered as gifts.

  • Gift passes can't be redeemed for memberships or donation-based passes at this time.

  • Only one gift card can be created per pass.

For example, we have a 10 Class Pass available set to sell online. Now, we can build a Gift Card option based on that pass. Under Manage Passes, click + New Gift Card:

Here, select the pass you want to make available for purchase by gift card:

Then, you can add a description or edit the Gift Card name, and click Save:

Now the gift card is available for purchase from your Purchase a Pass page!

From the Purchase a Pass Page the gifter selects the Gift Card they wish to purchase:

After payment, they will receive 2 email confirmations, one is the standard purchase receipt, and the other includes details about the gift card. They will receive a 100% off discount code with 1 redemption and instructions on sending that to their gift recipient.

We include the link directly to the pass for purchase with the discount code included, so they can share that link to their gift recipient:

The link leads them here to easily redeem the pass!

If the recipient is not a client yet, adding their information will create a customer account within your account for them!

From the admin side, if a gift card is purchased, you can see that within the online sales report (access from the sidebar on your home page):

And from under Manage Settings > Discount Codes and Gift Cards > Gift Cards:

Once it is redeemed, you can see the pass under the gift recipient's account:

And within the report under Discount Codes and Gift Cards:

Now you are all set to offer gift cards to your studio and promote the great gift of your classes and offerings to your community 😊!

Pro tip: Want to link directly to your gift cards from your website or social media?

Each one you offer will have a unique link - you can find it by going to your public pass page and clicking on the gift card, then just grab the direct URL from the address bar here:

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