If you have customers who are regulars and you trust to attend and pay on time, you may want to allow them special access to book classes without your reservation restrictions. This feature is designed for your most loyal and trusted customers!

Trusted Access allows the customer to reserve beyond any day limits you have set. If you have set a class to require an active pass, these customers will be able to book without a pass. If ticketing is enabled on a class, they will be able to book without payment. If you have prevented customers from booking multiple times for the same class, your Trusted Access Customers will be allowed to book multiple times (this is ideal for family accounts)

To add a customer to the Trusted Access Customer list, head to the Info tab in the customer's account. Then click More and select Enable Trusted Reservation Access from the dropdown:

Once they have been added, you will see that they are labeled in their account. You can also go to the Trusted Access Customers list to view the whole list of trusted customers.

If you need to restrict access again, head back into their Info tab, click More, and click Remove Trusted Reservations Access:

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